What to Do When Starting a New Web Business

What to Do When Starting a New Web Business

First, I applaud you. Starting your own web business is a great first step to financial independence. The best thing about a web business is that you can start with relatively low investment and grow your business quickly (usually under the noses of big competitors).

This article will show you how to jump start your web business and get you generating sales in no time.

What not to do:
– Start spending money without a plan – It’s easy to start spending money on so-called research. The web is full of ebooks, home study courses, and monthly memberships that only drain your wallet rather than filling your cash register.

– Take shortcuts. It will be tempting to try to find loopholes to success like unethical search engine techniques, AdWords loopholes, AdSense spam, etc. These techniques only work for a short while and then you’re caught and put back to square one.

– Staying Busy rather than Productive. Anything that doesn’t move you quickly to your first online sale is “busy work”. Being productive means taking the shortest route to getting at least one sale. Remember you don’t have a business until you have a sale.

– Ignore tracking and testing – From now on, commit to being a tracking freak. Try to track everything. Set the goal of tracking every single visitor that arrives on your site. Your objective is to be able to quickly find what works and what is sucking your wallet dry.

Now here’s what you should absolutely do when starting your web business:

– Solve Real, Desperate, and Annoying Problems: From now on, you are in the problem solving business. You find problems and create or uncover existing solutions to those problems. This is the only way of creating a business that will make money and break you out of the rat race.

– Quickly create a simple but high quality problem solving product. Every successful web business started with a simple, high quality, product. Take a look at your product and see where you can increase its value. For example, Can you turn it into an audio product, can you offer a “how to use” video tutorial? Now add this value and offer it to your customers for a fair price.

– Create a simple path to purchase: Make it easy for your customers to do business with you. Don’t clutter up your product offer with useless about us, our history, or any other link that talks about anything but your offer. Your visitors should know where and how to buy your product within 15 seconds of arriving at your site.

You have a wild and fun adventure ahead of you. I’m confident that if you take action on what you’ve learned today in your web business then you’ll be off to a great start.

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