Ways To Make Money With Your Digital Camera

Ways To Make Money With Your Digital Camera

A few suggestions about how you can make money with your digital camera and have an enjoyable time doing it.

Maybe you are not one who has loads of time on your hands, but you still have a want and hope to get some additional money. Have you even thought about doing it with your digital camera?

You can make money quickly and easily if you have only a scrap of photography talent and exceptionally little time. You need not go out and get another full-time job.

And, let’s face it, what good reason can you come up with for not doing this? Why can’t you use the skill you are enthusiastic about to earn you some excess money? You are most likely someone that your buddies believe was born with a camera connected to their eyeball. If you tote it around with you twenty-four hours a day, you are ahead of the game and prepared to convert your photo skills into money.

Don’t know exactly where to discover customers? That’s simple. Use your network of family and friends to get started. After all they all recognise what a fantastic photographer you are. Use that to your advantage. Sooner or later, you may even have to discontinue your day job to enjoy your new business full time.

You will see a few methods below to show you that your camera can make you money virtually without effort. However this is a literal drop in the photography ocean of ideas about ways to earn money using a camera.

* Pet photos – This idea, in and of itself, is not unique. But you can make it very unique. What you want to do is have a “hook” that is different from other pet photographers. One suggestion might be to have an assortment of pet clothing to dress up the animals, kind of like one of those photo galleries at Disney or Dollywood where they will make you look like your photo is from the Wild West, just do it for animals. Shop for you clothing at your nearby thrift store. Add other props as well to add character to the shots.

*Pet Graduations – Sticking with the pet theme, another way to make money with your digital camera is to contact the local dog training schools to see if you can be on hand at the end of the class. Pet owners are as crazy as parents about having great photos of their “babies”. Make sure you have some type of backdrop handy to make your photo more professional looking and get rid of the background distractions like fences and buildings. If you are really ambitious, you can have a backdrop made that has the feel of a college graduation.

*Newborn and/or baby photo service – yes, there are lots of baby photographers out there, but there are so many babies. Many parents of babies, especially newborns are some of the busiest people on the planet. What you have to do is find a way to get in front of them with your services.

Make certain you let them know that you will be available at their convenience. This will set you apart from the other “baby photogs”. Then be able to propose some unique poses that include both parents. This is also something that most others do not do. Both parents with the child will be a very attractive offer.

Have some samples to show them to build their confidence in your skills. Pictures of newborns when they arrive home is another way to get your prospective clients excited about what you have to offer.

*Family Postcards – Many families now have their picture taken professionally for holiday greeting cards. While this is a good idea, you can expand your services to include events like family picnics, special anniveraries (25ts and 50th), reunions and other special family gatherings. You can put together a package that supplies postcards and event albums. There is no limit to what you can do in this category.

If you have an imagination, you can have a part-time occupation so that you can make money with your camera.

I love photography and all things related to it. A wise man once said that you can make money and have fun doing it if you choose your profession with your heart. If you love photography, you can harness that passion and make it work for you. Find out how to make money with your digital camera at http://www.betterphotos123.com/make-money-with-digital-camera/.

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