Starting and Promoting a New Business in 2011

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by wallyg

Starting and Promoting a New Business in 2011

2011 will be the ideal year for small firm start ups. The US economy is awakening slowly as a giant from a deep slumber. It moves slowly at first, gradually waking up with it’s morning cup of coffee, but at some point in 2011 it will take off like an Olympic runner and it is time to start planning now if you want to catch the momentum of that first push.

It doesn’t take plenty of money to start your own business, only a little creativity, willingness to work hard, and an eye for what is needed in your area. Start small and build your corporate sector gradually. Whether you decide to open your own bar, or sell objects at the local flea market you will need promo merchandises to promote your efforts. Once the ink is dry on your small business plan, you will need to shop for promo goods. One can either sell or give away promo items, depending on the cost and popularity of them.

One great way to encourage a new enterprise, and earn a little capital at the same time is to create great tee shirts, and sell them. Shirts can be humorous or just have a fabulous design, but either way, if the shirt looks great enough it will promote your industry and sell like hotcakes. The best way to come up with a good design is to get your friends together, relax and start brainstorming. Start by kidding around, and joking if you want a humorous shirt. Allow yourself a few good laughs and then just write down the things they say which sound clever. Get an artist to draw up the design and have it printed. It’s that simple.

Another idea is to give out helium filled balloons imprinted with your business name, at events in your town. The cost of that is really reasonable, and the gesture really makes an impact with the community. Fliers and corporation cards are a necessity of course, but why not be creative. Many people give out refrigerator magnets as organization cards. They aren’t that expensive, and men and women keep them in a visible place instead of tucked away. Remember any piece can be imprinted with your company name, so be creative and shop for just the right goods to imprint with your corporation name. Promo gadgets are the key to getting attention in your community, but planning, hard work and great service will keep your customers coming back. Now is the time to start planning your next firm move.

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