Starting a Tutoring Business in the New Year!

Starting a Tutoring Business in the New Year!

Starting a Tutoring Business in the New Year!


Can you start a tutoring business in the New Year and be profitable? The answer is yes!

Over the holidays is a dead time for getting new students for your tutoring business but it is the perfect time to plan on how to start a tutoring business.


First of all tutoring is a great way to make a part time or a full time income. It’s important to decide a few things before getting started.  The first is who your ideal client is and how to niche yourself as the expert in that field.  For example you can market yourself as The Algebra Tutor of San Diego or the History Guru Tutor of Richmond. You may branch out and tutor more subject areas as you go along but when you first get started you will want to niche yourself in one particular area.


It’s important to register a tutoring domain name that contains your name and subject.  You can have basic information about you and your tutoring services on your website as well as testimonials from happy clients.  When you first get started you may want to ask a friend or family member to give you a testimonial that will speak to your character.  For example – John is a very patient person who will help his students understand and make it fun in the process.


You will also want to register yourself online in Google Places so when parents search online for a tutor, your name will come up.  You might also consider posting an ad in Craigslist (it’s free) and you will notice that it will get good search results in Google.


You might also consider advertising in a tutoring directory once you get started to attract more business (ex: Tutor Nation or Tutor No matter where you advertise be sure to track what advertising and marketing is working for you and always ask potential clients and parents how they heard about your tutoring business.


Last but not least – have fun!  Tutoring is a great way to meet new families and people in your community who will become friends for a lifetime.  They will pay you to help their kids succeed and not only will you make a great income but you will LOVE helping a student improve his or her grades as well as self esteem!  Tutoring one on one is a truly enjoyable way to earn a part time or full time income – it can be whatever you want it to be!


Good luck and HAPPY Tutoring!


Kasey Hammond celebrates every day that she no longer goes to her dead end job. She now enjoys her new career as a high paid tutor in Richmond, Virginia. Go to her website to receive FREE secrets on how you too can become a highly paid tutor:


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