Start Making a Catalog for your New Business

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Start Making a Catalog for your New Business

You are just so happy that you were able to quit your dreary nine to five job in order to pursue becoming an entrepreneur. Now you are your own boss, keeping your own time, and while you do work overtime, you happily do it because all the profit will be yours. You have some really good products to sell but it is quite difficult because you actually have a lot of different kinds. The easiest way to present them all to people in a convenient and concise manner is through catalogs. This is not so hard to do. You may want to hire a professional printer to do your catalog printingor you can do it yourself. As long as you have a computer and a colored printer (preferably laser) at home, then you can easily make a catalog for your new business.

The first thing that you do is to gather all the samples of your products and take them out for photography. Well, you can actually do it yourself, but professional photographers have better cameras and lighting for better pictures. Plus, they are also good in angling to make the products come alive in photos. After the photography session, ask for a digital copy of your pictures so that you will not have to scan them in case if you get prints. Scanning means one generation loss and if your scanner does not have high-resolution, your professionally taken photographs will just be wasted.

Classify your products according to kind and use this classification to put your products together in the catalog. You may want to include only four products in one page or two in a page; it does not matter as long as you group the same products for easy indexing.

If you have knowledge about graphics design, then you may want to do the layout so that you save on the designer’s creative fees. But if not, save yourself the trouble by outsourcing it. Go to a local design school and ask for a student who can do the job for you for a minimal talent fee.

When it comes two printing, you have two options—you can print it yourself or you can go to a printing press. If you think that you will only need several copies, like the ones you only put in your store, then you can do it yourself. Printing presses with offset printers go by the bulk so if you only need 10 pieces, it would not be cost effective for you as each copy will turn out to be really expensive. So do it yourself with a colored laser printer. Even if you purchase a brand new printer, the printing cost would still come out cheaper because you can also use it for other purposes.

Aside from a paper catalog, do you know that you can also put up an online catalog and get more people to see your products? You can upload the catalog itself on your website, as long as it is saved in a PDF format so that it cannot be edited anymore. So whenever you have an online inquiry, you can just direct them to your website and your potential customer can browse through your products on his computer.

These are just some ways that you can make good use of your catalogs to promote your new business. It is not a hard job to do, just one of the tricks of the trade that you need to learn to get your products known and improve your sales. Invest in catalog printing and it will certainly work for you.


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