Start A New Business with A Laser Engraving Machine

Start A New Business with A Laser Engraving Machine

A laser engraving machine is a tool used to engrave characters or images into a hard surface that is usually made of metal, glass or stone. The laser engraver is run by a programmable machine that controls the laser to move according to the image or text programmed into the machine’s computer. The laser’s intensity and timing is also programmable to make the machine apply just the right amount of laser beam onto a surface.

The pattern of the letters or picture is uploaded into the program. The program controls the laser beam to pass through the surface once. Overlapping can cause some etchings to become deeper or more pronounced that the rest of the design.

It can be programmed to make deeper etching marks if desired or indicated by the design. The machine’s laser pointer moves in a horizontal and vertical motion as it etches the design into the surface.

There are different types of etching machines but the most common laser engraving machine is the laser ablation which uses an excimer laser. This kind of laser can produce intense ultraviolet rays. It is also very accurate and is used by eye surgeons for laser eye surgery.

This type of laser is considered are the ideal laser for etching because it doesn’t burn the surface and instead ablates it. Ablation involves applying heat to erode a surface.

Ablation lasers are used for etching on plastic, glass, metal and wooden materials. It is also capable of very fine etching for jewelry. After a surface is etched, etching machine will blow out air across the surface to get rid of residue and dust.

Metal materials are often treated with an anti-corrosive coating to prevent rust and deterioration in the future. A laser etching machine also comes with a warranty for parts if you want to get one for an engraving or etching business.

There are several ways you can make money with a laser engraver. You can engrave pictures and texts into glass, stone, metal, plastic, and wood. You can set up an etching business to engrave names onto watches, and other expensive items. You can etch a pattern and words into a trophy whether it is made of glass, metal or wood. Some people use these machines to engrave on tombstones and decorative stone figurines.

You can offer a service to engrave photos of newly married couples on fine crystals as wedding tokens. A jewelry maker can use a fine excimer laser engraving machine to fashion intricate and delicate designs on fine jewelry.

Jewelers can also engrave love notes and names on wedding bands, engagement rings and pendants. The business possibilities of these etching machines are countless. You just have to be creative with your product ideas to encourage more people to use your service.

A laser engraver needs to be trained to use the latest etching machines. Today’s engraving tools incorporate computer programs and picture scanners and it is as easy to etch a photo or engrave text on metal as printing something on paper. When you finally decide to invest in a laser engraving machine, be sure to ask the machine dealer about training and how to use the machine properly.

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