Simple Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Simple Ways to Make Money on the Internet

If you’re anything like me you want as much as possible for nothing. One of the major mistakes that newbies to internet marketing make is to think that $ 50 spent on AdWords is going to make them hundreds of dollars in sales. The reality is that this is the recipe for disaster and debt.

I went down this road when I first started and with maxed out cards decided I was in a hole. C’mon, you know the saying, if you’re in a hole. Stop diggin’! The purpose of this article is to try to help people from getting into the financial mess that I found myself in when I first started.

There are so many offers of ‘instant riches’ out there that it really can be mind boggling. If you’re new to the ‘game’ and maybe have a few pounds, dollars or yen, you may spend a lot of time looking at these offers and settle for the one on the most convincing sales page and possibly spend a lot of money, only to be disappointed later, lose interest and bale out. There is no exaggeration here. Many people get sucked in by these offers and get taken for a ride in the world’s most expensive taxi!

The real downside here is that because of the reputation that the internet has, particularly in the internet marketing niche, there is a lot of mistrust, particularly if you’ve been burned before. This happened to me in the early days and I never forgot the journey back to having a positive bank balance.

I suggest that if you’re looking to the internet to pay your bills, forget the Guru’s. You need to have a bit of patience and start to learn your new trade. Until you’ve an idea of what you’re doing I’d suggest not even buying a domain name. Why? I hear some sneer. It’s simple really. When you’ve learned a little more (coming up) you will understand that there are resources available to you that cost nothing at all. You could be anywhere on earth when you read these words. Imagine having to pay to have these words published. No chance!

If you don’t already know you can use Squidoo and put together a free website. From there you can advertise your product, whatever that may be, and promote it by writing an article like this one. So imagine this. You’ve now got a free website and a published article. Either of these could end up on page one of Google for free. Imagine what that would cost with AdWords!

Earlier this year I ran an experiment on Twitter. I took a product from ClickBank (free) and made a few ‘tweets’ on Twitter. From this one set of actions I’m getting sales page hits everyday. Cost to me? Zero! I didn’t even spend a penny. I did write an article which of course is free anyway. The traffic from that one article will still be coming in two years from now.

So far we’ve looked at article marketing, Squidoo and Twitter. There is so much more. We’ve not even touched on social networking sites, there are thousands of them. Some of the most popular would include Digg, MySpace, Youtube etc. Every single one is free. Some of them get millions of visitors every month. You can receive some of this traffic and maybe make sales. You’ll get better at it with practice, but at least it won’t cost you any money!

In previous articles I’ve discussed where my own limits are. If it costs more that $ 10 I’m not interested. You do not need to spend more than this to make money! Take a look at my (free) Squidoo minisite for more information. You’ll find lots of completely free tips. I’ll show you how to do it for free, for $ 2 and for $ 10.Simple Internet Money. Clickbank Wealth Forumla is an admirable cash generator!

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