Product Licences

I spent Saturday with Andrew Reynolds – the internet marketer.

I had a great day and learned so much.

I also got some gold licences for products – which means I have the rights to sell and re-brand the products.

I am also getting my hands on some Platinum licensed products – which means I can sell gold licenses on to other people.

Gold licenses can sell for of thousands of pounds – because you are buying the rights to re-brand the products and make them your own.

I am considering setting up a monthly membership site , where I will give you a gold license every month that you are a member, but I would like comments from people who are interested.

Would you rather select a product and pay up to £5000 for a license, or pay a fee in the region of £197 per month and get a gold license every month.

Or would you prefer to pay a yearly subscription and then get 12 licenses per year?

All feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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