New Year DC Way to Make Money

New Year DC Way to Make Money

It amazes me the type of music that these New Year DC radio stations play.  I can not believe how uncensored public music has become.  Now, you can hear words on the radio that you can not even hear in a late night gentlemen’s club.  It is absolutely absurd, and I do not like it– not one little itty bitty bit at all!

I really would like to think that people these days could find better things to do New Year DC than to record explicit music lyrics for a profit.  On top of that, it is just about what they are talking about in the songs.  Drugs are a topic that is talked about as if it is candy, and people talk about drinking alcohol as if it were some type of expensive mineral water or a healthy smoothie.  They act like drinking a bunch of liquor and beer is the equivalent of casually drinking a Slurpee from seven eleven or something like that.  These rappers and musicians talk about women like they are worthless.  They act like “scoring” with a woman is no more of a big deal than renting a movie from a seven eleven red box kiosk.

Am I wrong to be bothered by the fact that our kids–the people who are going to grow up and become authorities in our society ten and twenty years from now– are out here making millions of dollars by talking about the most disgusting things you have ever learned about in your entire life time?  I really can not stand the fact that so many people work so hard to finish high school with the highest possible marks and pay to go to college for years and years in the pursuit of a high paying career, yet our youth can drop out of high school before they are legally able to get a driver’s license and still make more money than three doctors and five lawyers put together.  I smell a New Year DC smell in the air that smells like something is burning up, and I am pretty sure it is nothing other than the ears of every one who listens to the filth that people now-a-days ignorantly like to call “music”.

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