Good Ways to Make Money without All That Work

Good Ways to Make Money without All That Work

Working a job does have its hardships, let’s face it. You wake up early every morning, you can’t be late or you will be in trouble, you have to fend for yourself until lunch time, shove food down as fast as you can so you are not late again, beg for your last break before you can go home, then come home completely exhausted. Now you have to wait an entire two weeks to see your earnings for yourself; and if you are like people in most of the nation, you will never see that money because it will be spent on bills.

It almost seems as if it wouldn’t be that bad, if you could just get some time to yourself, or take things a little easier. What you need are some good ways to make money without that work! Whether you are sick of your job, or needing the cash in between pay day, it is time to look at some external options.

Try renting yourself out as a computer consultant or personal assistant. This requires little effort on your behalf and can become a when-you-feel-like-it gig. Publish your ads on Craigslist (in the right section!) and see what kind of feedback you get. You would be surprised at the amount of people who need the extra help, and the chances are you won’t know any of them until you ask.

What about work from home? It does seem too good to be true, but local and national news stations have proven this technique to be a legitimate one. If you have the time to decipher scam from score, you can apply to become some one’s online personal shopper, survey taker, or assistant. This is an easy way to get money without that work! What others will not have the time for, you can surely make the time for.

If you have chosen one or more of the above options, you have also now opened a doorway for future business from these temporary (or long-term) employers. Have you ever opened the “junk drawer” in your house? Most people have entire houses that can be considered their “junk drawers.” Imagine how much money can be made just by cleaning out some one’s garage or home for them, and reselling the items on an online website. This eliminates the age old garage sale issue of location, and I am sure they would be more than happy to reward you financially for your time and efforts.

Finally, the most timeless method of getting money without having to do too much work, putting in too many hours, or waiting too long before pay day—start bar tending or waiting tables. You do not need to be a rocket scientist, the job will be part time, and you will earn tip money right on the spot to spend at your leisure. When it comes to making money, the general idea will ultimately always remain the same: you have to earn it. No matter what restaurant shirt you have to wear doing it.

If all else fails and you are still desperate to make a living with out having to do virtually anything, you can always consider creating a million dollar product or entertainment opportunity that you can turn around and sell to investors later. People have made it rich selling glasses for dogs, tombstones or cemetery plots for pets, and on auction web sites, even less than that. But if this just doesn’t sound like you, your best bet is to stick with one of the above methods.

One of the good ways to make money away from your daily job routine is to make cash online.

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