Few ways to make money on the net

Few ways to make money on the net

Now a days with the economic emergency there are many common people who do have this question in mind: Can I really Make Dough on the Internet, is it a good possibility?
The answer to this is “YES, you can easily and safely make dough on the internet.” There are mainly two ways in which you can make dough online.
? Paid to Click Websites
? Running your own Website/Blog
Which one should you choose?
? Paid to click (PTC) websites are those websites where you can earn a certain tally of bucks for clicking advertisements. CommonlycConsistently these websites pay you 1 cent per click. The more ads you click the more money you can make. This sounds very exciting and easy. But the sad truth is that there are a limited number of advertisers and this also puts a limit on the number of advertisements; you can say on an average they range in between 5-15 ads per day. Now, if only do that then you will not be able to make more than about $ 4.5 a month which is actually small amount. So how can you make more bucks? Well, these websites also have something called a referral program that they offer. Referrals are those person in the street or friends whom you referred to the PTC website, and they also sign up for the PTC program. Now there are more people clicking ads, which means that the PTC websites also pay you 1 cent when any of your referrals clicks an advertisement. Do the math, suppose you refer 50 folks to the PTC website, then if they are all fully active using their account, you make $ 225 just from your referrals clicking ads. This does not mean you should stop clicking, because if you do, you may become inactive and your referrals may also become inactive and thus earn less dough. So it makes sense to just keep on clicking and make dough fast. It does not hinder your earnings if you join through a referral link. The more person in the street you refer, the more you can earn.
? Running your own Website/Blog:
Many people these days run their own blogs or websites. They earn bucks by placing advertisements on their blogs and websites and ensure that they get high traffic visiting their site. They have to build up the traffic and maintain it. It is more difficult to do as compared to clicking ads, but you can earn high amounts of cash by this, as high as $ 10,000 per month. You usually get paid by advertisers if their advertisements get clicked or the amount of views the ad gets. And if your blog is really famous for example ShoeDough or John Chow these are well known blogs, making lots of dough, you can simply rent out the advertising space at any price you want.

If you do not know which option to choose, then consider your experience first. If you are experienced at blogging, and are sure that you can make your blog well-known on the internet to drive lots of traffic to it, then consider the second option. If you are a beginner, or a novice, it makes sense to start with the paid to click websites. You can migrate to having your own blog later.

The above portion has been written by mujtaba ali who is as a matter of fact a dentist and blogs on how to stop teeth grinding and tooth pain remedy

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