8 Ways Not to Make Money With Your Blog

8 Ways Not to Make Money With Your Blog

The point of having a blog may not always be to make money. However, having an extra source of income is always a benefit to the Blogger. Nevertheless, there are certain steps you have to take so that you can start to make money with your blog. Here are the things that you do not want to focus on, and avoid like aids, herpes, and VD.

1. Write About Blogs

Many might say that the main reason is the experience. Although you can make money with blogs, it sometimes takes many visits and, the payment per click is minimal. I understand that many are beginning this type of blogs because they tend to generate considerable interest and are therefore a good option to generate revenue, but the truth is that there are often other satisfactions.

2. Copy the Content of Other Blogs

Ignoring the fact that copying is a bad start, do some people still believe that only by copying these content will make your blog grow? Google and the other search engines do not like duplicate content and will de-index a blog that it finds to have duplicate content on it.

3. Consider as a Main Objective to Generate Income

The fact that someone will start a blog to make money is perfectly legal, however, that goal must be observed as a long-term goal. It is better to focus efforts on winning the first visit and to do so, create unique content, the rest will come later.

4. Spend More Time Placing AdSense Units than Creating Content

If your blog is not generating revenue from the beginning then this is not a bad thing because of were your ads are placed, you will probably not have enough visitors, in fact, you cannot even appreciate that positions offer better performance, so again, it is better to focus efforts on winning the first visitor then the first sale or click on AdSense, create content, the rest will come later.

5. Promote Blogs Without Content

Do not expect people to leave comments asking on your blog if you have the nothing of value to offer, you have wasted time and that is a negative. It is even worse when the content is nothing but AdSense blocks on your page.

6. To Believe That the Process Starts to Earn Money by Placing Advertisements

Earn money with your blog is often a prize for a job well done, the effort in content creation. It is unbelievable that there are still those who are surprised that their AdSense units do not record a single click, although you only started two days ago!

7. Do Not Write About What Really Interests You

If you are not writing about a topic that interests both you and your visitors, then your traffic will die off fast. Although they may click on a AdSense link, but this is just to leave your blog. In addition, never to return.

8. To Have More Interest in Your Visitors Click on Your Ads That Read Your Blog

The main goal of your blog is to keep your visitors coming back for more, if you design you blog that makes them just want to leave this means trouble for you down the road. It is good to have AdSense on your blog, just do not go overboard with it.

So after reviewing the eight things that you should not be doing, take a look at your blog, and make the necessary changes to your blog. Then you should be on track to start to make some money through a blog. Remember your goal as a Blogger is simple; create unique content that draws the traffic in from the search engines. Then give your visitors a good reason to keeping coming back to read your content. The clicking on AdSense is only the icing on the cake to blogging.

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