6 Ways to Make Money With Candles

6 Ways to Make Money With Candles

Perhaps, many of us are thinking of ways on how to increase our income. Probably, we are thinking of buying and selling specific products. On the other hand, others may be banking on their skills or love for art. Either way, what’s certain is that we can commit to do one thing and turn our interest into something profitable and brilliant.

Homemade candles are ideal gifts during special occasions like Christmas. Others have entered in small workshops to learn how to make scented candles. Nowadays, so many are spending their time by joining bazaars and flea markets while most are geared towards knowing how to make money with candles.

Let us say you are into the art of candle making. Assuming that you have a lineup of impressive items, how can you really turn your hard work into mere profits? Here are some of the possible ways on how to make money with candles.

Start offering your products to family. Ask a couple of your friends to try your candles. Start giving simple tea lights as giveaways. In turn, once they see how creative and useful your items have been, the more likely that they will come back for additional purchases.
Use the internet. Register and sign up using sites such as eBay. Go for a seller account and provide a product listing. You may also create a personal site dedicated solely for candle selling. Create impressive catalogs and post beautiful pictures of your candles in the net.
You can also make money with candles by means of craft shows, flea markets, bazaars and fairs. Maximize this chance by putting up a display of your best and most budget-friendly candle items. Get the chance to meet new clients and offer them your best candle prices.
Set up an online candle party. Find a candle retailer and ask for requirements. Schedule your party online by setting a specific time and date. Invite friends and family to join and encourage them to buy your specially-made items.
Host a candle party in your home. Aside from doing one online, you can organize a candle party and invite everyone you basically know. Send creative invites either by email or ask everyone by phone. Ask them to bring someone as games and freebies will be the main attraction.
You can also make money with candles by engaging in actual workshops. Organize a candle making seminar and encourage attendants to give it a try. You can also organize a candle fundraising event and give a portion of your sales to charitable institutions within your area. Ask non-profit organizations to try and sell your products. In the end, allocate a percentage of your earnings to these charities as rewards.

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