5 tips for starting your own business

5 tips for starting your own business

So you’ve had a brilliant business idea which is sure to make you rich and famous. You’re probably rearing to get started – but don’t quit your job before considering the day-to-day details of what it means to start your own business. Even with these five tips in mind, you may not be guaranteed everlasting fortune – but you’ll be in a good position to sustain a decent viable income stream, which is more than most can hope for from a start-up. These tips are handy for any sort of small or medium business, whether you’re working out of your basement or a prime location office.

1. Don’t get tied down. Renting your property is virtually a given when starting your own business, but what about equipment? Business computer rental is often overlooked as a cheap and flexible way to get hold of important computer equipment with the option of upgrading later, as is laptop rental if you or your employees have to travel to clients or work in the field. Renting the essentials gives you the flexibility to expand or cut down on equipment as time goes on without burning your budget.

2. Go Spartan. Do you really need the expensive couch for your office? In fact, do you even need an office? Consider what your business really requires and cut out everything else. That way you’ll be saving yourself expenses and logistical headaches down the track.

3. Don’t be afraid to spend. It sounds like a contradiction to what was mentioned above, but sometimes you need to fork out a bit more cash to win in the long run. Need a powerful computer for your freelance design work? Save some money through business computer rental and get the graphics update you need. Cut costs where you can, but remember that some investments are necessary.

4. Ask around. Your friends and co-workers may have contacts, advice or knowledge which may help with your business. It’s a good idea to let people know what you’re doing – being willing and able to talk to them about any aspect of your business can also spread your reputation via word of mouth. Just don’t expect them to give you their money.

5. Claim back. The Government offers tax deductions for small and medium enterprises on some equipment and operational costs. You may be able to claim what you spend on office rent, laptop rental and even stationery from the tax you pay on your business income – or even your day job salary.

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